Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Letters from the War front - 22 October 1940 Mrs H Turner

Today's letter is from Mrs H. Turner, Columbo, Sri Lanka, whom Grandpa spent some time with whilst ashore. (refer last post).

I had a giggle myself at the stamp on the envelope "Using less paper saves shipping space". Whilst this was a serious issue at the time, I was wondering how much space could a piece of paper could take up?

Obviously Mrs. Turner was also talented in the artistic department, as this beautiful hand drawn image accompanies the letter. This led me to think how readily available were coloured pencils during 1940?

I have blanked out the actual address of the sender for privacy reasons.


Dear Mrs Holford,
 My daughter and I had the pleasure of meeting your husband when he was in Colombo, & were able to take him and 4 others - Mr Parker, Mr Allen, Mr McLaughlin & Mr Shields for a drive & a swim.

They came to lunch here on 2 days and had curry once, & a lamprey the other time, and seemed to have enjoyed themselves in a quiet way.

They all looked very well, and seemed to like Colombo. I daresay you will hear all about it in due course.

My husband has not returned from England yet, but is on his way. I do wish they could have met him. They have promised to call in on their return, & if you are coming to meet your husband, we shall be so glad to do all we can to help make your visit here a success.

I do hope you will try not to worry, and that this wretched war will soon be over. I have a son, a flight Lieutenant in the Air force at home and its a horrible feeling not to know what is happening. Of course most of my people are in England & my youngest son 16 1/2 is at school here.  I've just had a letter to say he is a messenger boy in the Auxiliary Fire Service for the duration of his summer holidays, & so sometimes on duty all night.  He seems to like the excitement, so I expect he wont want to return to school.

 Well, here's hoping we shall meet one day, with the five men here.  Kindest regards,
from Delia & myself.
Yours sincerely,
Hettie. G. Turner
(Mrs. O. G. Turner).

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