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Letters from the war front 10 February 1940

Today I have been busy scanning in my Grandfathers letters, to post here as promised.

Not all of them are marked with a date, however for the most part I will attempt to post them in order. Some of the Envelopes had more than one letter each, and of course there is the possibility that over the years, the letters themselves have been returned to the incorrect envelope.

Appreciate the words and the art, as I do.

"Lomani" is Fijian for Love.

Bill and Pat referred to in the contents, are Cora's brothers. Beat is a reference to Beatrice Holford - Leonards' sister.

The pictures hand-drawn on the front of the envelopes are indicative of the area Len was posted to at the time of writing the letter.

Interestingly the injury Len refers to is not mentioned in the military records I have obtained for him.

 10 February 1940.


Captain L. B. Holford
1 Aust. Corps ??
10 Feb 40

My Sweet Frances,
 You know my Lomani, that I would rather do anything than cause you the slightest pain or worry, that is why I concealed my injury from you. I instructed Pat, who is now L/Cpl Pat, by the way, to let Bill know how things were going so that if the authorities communicated with you he would be in a position to tell you what had happened.

 I miss you so my own, everything is so unreal without you. I lay awake for hours thinking of you, and I seem to sense that you are doing likewise. I wonder if it is telepathy my dear. I really am picking up so there is no need for you to worry. I trust that Mother has recovered by this time, and that Beat is also well again.

 Frances I want you to buy yourself anything you require, do not stint yourself sweetheart, as I cannot be there to purchase these little things for you. I know you so appreciate (?).  Please understand that I am not writing sentimental slush, as I am pouring out my very hearty to you. Through the medium of this pencil.

 I love you with a vigor that is unquenchable; it is over 12 years since we first met, stormy, tempestuous years, but with the golden thread of our mutual love running through them. Darling it is that and that only which has kept me going, given me that tangible something to strive for. I love you deeply as you know my sweet, wait for me, as you are all to me.

 I expect to hear some really good news shortly, the nature of which I cannot impart to you fearing to disapoint you so. As by this time you will have seen the casualty lists, no doubt you realise the loss of so many of my friends is sad, but believe me they will pay tenfold.

 At [crossed out word] (sorry) recently I purchased an exquisite bronze ? priest, it will fit into our Oriental group very effectively. You know doubt will be pleased to hear that your preserved fruit parcel arrived and it's succulent contents were enjoyed to the full. It had ? all over Africa practically and it was a welcome surprise.

  Any reference to the operations here are rapidly censored so that I cannot make any reference to the interesting phases engendered by them.  I still do not wish you to write pending reliable stabilisation of movement. I will let you know immediately this occurs. Keep your chin up. Love to John and Aunty Cora.

With heartfelt affection,
Your adoring husband,

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  1. The illustrations on the envelope are absolutely gorgeous!