Sunday, 8 March 2015

Congress and The Chase

I have been researching my family history for over 30 years, at times I am "gung ho" and buried in it (pardon the pun), other times I do not touch it for weeks, or even months; and yet three decades later the passion is still there.  I cannot help but wonder what is the drawcard that keeps me and so many others coming back?

It has only been the past 12 months that I have actually given any thought as to why I dedicate so much of my life to this past time. My children are not particularly interested, nor are my other family members, so what do I think will happen to my research when I am gone and does it matter? 

My answer is I have absolutely no clue and a resounding YES it definitely matters.

When I heard the 14th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry was being held in Canberra this year (26-30 March 2015 ) I was quite excited as I thought "I can make this happen"; Canberra isn't that far from Brisbane and who really cares about work?  When a good friend suggested we travel together I was like a Mexican jumping bean - you couldn't keep me down.  Rain, hail or shine I was going to Congress!

By my level of excitement, you may comprehend this is my FIRST time at congress, and I am absolutely beside myself.  There are a few speakers who I have had the pleasure of listening to before (Carole Baxter, Shauna Hicks, Paul Milner) and there are others who I cannot wait to encounter and absorb all the wisdom they wish to share (Kerry Farmer, Heather Garnsey, Colleen Fitzpatrick to name a few).

I am particularly interested in expanding my knowledge on DNA and how it plays a part in our research, and I love hearing about all things English and Irish. 4 days of heaven sent bliss, expanding my knowledge on a topic I love - Genealogy. Who could ask for more?

I personally am not attending the extra functions (welcome dinner etc.) as my finances would not stretch that far after travel and accommodation expenses; although, if I had excess funds I am sure it would be nice. I will be concentrating on the speakers I am booked in to see, and in my leisure time I will be visiting the Australian War Memorial and enjoying the sights of Canberra.

There is no doubt Genealogy plays a huge part in my life, the quest beginning as an assignment in primary school, leading me to enrol in a history degree at University in 2014 (at 44 years of age) and ending who knows where.  I LOVE IT. I love the hunt, the fact finding, the mystery. I LOVE being able to prove a particular person is a member of my family line despite the odds (or the white lies). I LOVE the opportunities to travel, to piece together pieces of our ancestors lives, to tell the tale of how they lived and the difficulties they must have faced.

I LOVE the Chase; and Congress will allow me to expand my knowledge even further and continue on this extraordinary hobby.  I cannot wait!

If your free, or even if your not, I highly recommend you attend this wonderful bringing together of minds.


  1. It's great to see that you are so excited about your first Congress. Your enthusiasm is infectious. See you in two weeks!

  2. I feel your excitement as well, this will be my first Congress as well. Look forward to meeting you there.

  3. My first Congress too, I look forward to meeting you and many others.

  4. It is my first Congress also! Might see you there! Hope you've stocked up on notebooks :)

  5. Fantastic to see others are as excited as I am. If you haven't done so already may I suggest you read Judy Websters "3 things to do before a. Congress" some very useful tips

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Kerin. :-)

    2. I am a novice to these type of events and I found Judy Webster's "3 things to do before a genealogy congress" really useful. I have my business cards, I have registered by research interests and I have starting to put aside things that I need to take. Thank you Judy!

    3. My pleasure. I'll look forward to meeting you at the Congress. I don't know how many people will be at this one, but it's often difficult to spot people in the crowd. If you see me, please tap me on the shoulder and introduce yourself. :-)

  6. Tee hee. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I'm going too and like you am not going to the extra dinners etc and can only go for t weekend but am so excited :)

  7. This is my first one too and like several of you, I too am not going to any of the extras. I am also excited.