Sunday, 2 February 2014

Letters from the War front - Code

Yesterday I attended a Genealogy conference run by Unlock the Past. The two main speakers were Thomas MacEntee and Chris Payton, who I have to say were brilliant!

I learned a great deal about how to better organise my "Genealogy Toolbox" and "Irish Land Records", and was thoroughly entertained in the process.

I was also very fortunate to be able to spend time with my friend Judy, and a delightful lady from QSA Susan.  During dinner and coffee, I mentioned that I was in possession of some letters written by my Grandfather Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Bernard Holford whilst on location during WWII, to my Grandmother Cora Francesca Holford (nee Bach).  

It is clear that Leonard was totally and utterly devoted to Cora, and the distance between them was an obvious strain whilst he was away.  In the interest of immortalising and preserving their love, I have decided to write a daily post with a photograph and transcription of each of the letters.

The salutation of each letter varies depending on which part of the world Len was in at the time of writing. My Grandmother (Cora) recorded these locations not long before she passed, although there are a couple "in question".

The post for today is the "Code" that was used. I apologise for the rotation of the pic, it simply didnt wish to co-operate

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