Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Letters from the War front 13 October 1940

Today's letter from my Grandpa to my Grandma, needs no transcription as it has been typed and is quite clear to read.

Although it states it is the Fourth Letter, I am not in possession of its predecessors.  Len's records indicate he was on-board the H.M.T. Nieuw Zeeland at the time.

I am rather intrigued about the "life on board" as it was, references to the social life, orchestra's, etc. totally contradict what I had envisioned the social aspects of a military ship during the war to be like. On the flip side, I feel they probably needed as many distractions as they could get, whilst they could get it.

There is a reference in the last paragraph to the "baby coming", I am sad to say that the baby did not make it.
The 4th October also being mentioned was their wedding anniversary. For someone so devoted it must have been exceptionally difficult to be on the other side of the world at this time.

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