Sunday, 22 March 2015

Countdown to Congress - 3 sleeps to go!

With only 3 sleeps to go before the 14th Australasian Congress on Heraldry and Genealogy I have realised I am more disorganised than I thought :)   Given that I am flying out of Brisbane this morning to spend a couple of days sightseeing before Congress, this presents  a little bit of a problem. What am I to do? Hmm, Fly by the seat of my pants and wing it!

As mentioned previously this is my first Congress and I am very excited; I have however discovered a side of me that is unfamiliar - indecisiveness.  I have so far changed my session preferences 3 times as I just cannot make up my mind on which speakers/subjects I will find most beneficial.  When I first listed my preferences there were a couple of sessions I really wanted to attend however they were already fully booked.  I have been able to now add these to my preferences - so if you have found yourself in the same situation it is definitely worth a check.  To do this login to the Delegate Zone and select edit in the"alternative Session selection".

Last night I also downloaded the Congress 2015 App from the Apple store.  I did have some issues with it resulting in having to un-install and re-install the App twice before I could get it to work. This occurred on both my Iphone and Ipad.  As for the App itself, I have found it to be a little bit fiddly to add in "my program" and I think as we will be receiving a hard copy of the program in our goodies bag, I probably wont be using the App itself.  Time will Tell.

Now its funny how things turn out, my boss asked me last week where I was going for my holiday and when I told her she started asking me all sorts of questions about family history. Her and her husband became very excited and brought me a number of documents which they said they had been carrying around for 20 years and never knew what to do with them.  These just happened to be on ancestors who were in WW1, and I very quickly downloaded some service records from National Archives of Australia and a few newspaper articles from Trove and I do believe we now have some new converts.  

They have entrusted me to collect some war medals which are being held at the AWM - I'm honoured they trust me enough for this special task.

I hope everyone has a fantastic time at Congress and you all get exactly what you want and more from this wonderful event.

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  1. I've only one more sleep and so much to do. Roll on Congress.