Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hi Lo 1 Jan 2017

And a new year is upon us. How quickly did the first day pass?

We are all so busy with the everyday that we forget how important it is to discuss what has been both good and bad for us today.  Back in the day when the kids were at home, and we ate dinner at the table we used to do HI LO.  It is a great way to get the family talking about their day and it's impact.   Its a simple concept.  We each took it in turns to share a High from the day and a Low from the day.

I would like to start today, 1 Jan 2017, with my Hi Lo, in the hope that my friends and family will join in and share their moments. The importance of this is remembering that we do not all have an outlet, and sometimes that one outstretched hand is all we need to remember we are not alone.

My day was a quiet one by choice. I have not been in a good head space for sometime now, and the past couple of weeks have proven extra difficult.  So for today my HIGH was to spend the time on myself, doing pretty much nothing and it was GREAT.  I scrolled through Facebook and caught up on news that I haven't had the time for. I drew up my healthy living plan (yes I WILL lose weight & be a healthier person this year), I played/fumbled with the guitar (and realised how much I have forgotten) and I swam in my pool.  My LOW was a terrible bout of diarrhea and therefore not spending time with friends who I was looking forward to catching up with. I now suspect this was because of my preparation for my healthy living plan rather than a contagious virus, but best be prepared than sorry eh.

It was stinking hot, so it was a lazy day in all, but there is always tomorrow right?  My daughter liked a Facebook page about beginner pole dancing, so along with my intention to return to line dancing classes next week, I am seriously considering a pole dancing session or ten. Looks like fun.. if I don't break anything... Who is with me?

So tell me, what was your HILO?

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  1. I'm glad you made some time for yourself. My HIGH on New Year's Day was relaxing and chatting on my sister's verandah in North Queensland (on the last day of a 4-day visit). The LOW was returning to southeast Queensland where the temperature in my house was 32 degrees Celsius at 7pm. Today's HIGH is the rain that is currently falling. The LOW was the heat and humidity. I hope 2017 is a much better year for you. I'll join you in your plan to get healthy, but I'll skip the dancing lessons!